Cutting-edge AI Crypto Trading Bots

Marketplace of AI-driven crypto trading bots which allows traders connecting to their favorite exchanges and start trading on auto-pilot.

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Cutting-edge AI crypto trading bots

How our AI system works?

Our bots make use of Technical Analysis, Sentiment Analysis and Complex Mathematical Models,
following a scientific approach of Quantitative Finance.

Easy to use

Select, connect & trade. Our bots can start working for you in as little as 5 minutes.

Zero experience needed

No problem even if you are a beginner. Our automated bots will buy & sell for you with no interference from your side.

24/7 monitoring

Setup your bot & relax, let our bots monitor the market for you and seize opportunities even while you sleep.


We do not hold custody of your funds. Your funds will remain in your own account on your crypto exchange.


You can view the history of all the trades with the timestamps after signing up for a free account.

Self-adapting strategies

Our AI/ML models dynamically adapt to constantly changing market conditions, delivering trades with high win-rate.

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Let our bots trade for you 24/7

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How to get started with your bots?

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Predictions are accurate. I am fascinated by the smoothness of the Customer Service! Honest performance review and even better Performance ! A helpful guideline among Cryptos!

Zsolt Burai, Crypto Trader

I am still just a beginner, but the team always send me reports via email what to do, how to do and it's making it easier for me. I am curious about the future of

Armand Kaszás, Crypto Trader

I wasn’t a good trader, but with this service I can have a much easier extra income.

Richard Balogh, Crypto Trader

In short, I have been looking for a long time for a trading bot that is simple to configure and that adapt to market movements and I am relieved to have found it here.

Benjamin Azan, Crypto Trader

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure how we can help you?
Wonder why you need to buy our products?

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our appreciated customers.

We are a marketplace of premium quality crypto trading bots driven by AI, Quant & Mathematical models.
More than 95% of crypto traders lose money because markets trade 24/7, with high volatility which make it difficult to make a decision to buy or sell. Many significant data such as blockchain metrics &s; sentiment analysis are hard to interpret by humans. But, good for you, we do everything on your behalf on autopilot mode thanks to our bots.
No. We have custom-built bots developed completely in-house using the latest advances in AI technology, Sentiment Analysis, Mathematical models & Quantitative Finance.
Using of our bots is not an assured “pay-cheque”. It will simplify your life by automating trades and over a period of time will perform better than humans and will achieve great returns.
Yes, we do not hold custody of your funds. Your funds remain in your own account on your exchange.
Anyone who assures you so is not having your best interest in mind. We can promise you a steady return over a period of time but as always investment in crypto or any other assets come with risks of losing capital.
We train our models based on the historical data and use the blockchain metrics, Sentiment Analysis of news and social media, as well as other exogenous data along with our mathematical models to generate the signals. Then we select the signals based on the best risk-reward ratio to be executed by bots in the accounts of clients.
You do not have to transfer your capital to the b-cube, they will remain in your own exchange account all the time. As a result, you can withdraw your capital at any time according to the rules of the exchange.
Because b-cube’s bots operate on a non-custodial model, you need to integrate your account with the bot through our platform. During integration, you must enter your API key and Secret key, which you can generate within the exchange.

Your API keys are stored encrypted as per industry standards and only decrypted when syncing account information or when our bots execute the trades in your account.

We use 256-bits encryption for transferring all website data over encrypted Transport Layer Security (“TLS”) connections (i.e., HTTPS).
Most of our bots work without a minimum limit. This means that they can operate on account of any size for a monthly subscription fee.
Our bots use an advanced in-house technology which we developed with the goal of providing institutional-grade technology to retail investors. Thanks to our partnership with Université Paris-Saclay, ranked #1 worldwide in mathematics (Shanghai 2020), we have been able to carry out research and development that has taken our strategies to the next level. Our bots leverage the latest advances in the fields of Machine Learning, Mathematics and Quantitative Finance.
We are a team of professionals coming from the background of Asset Management, Software Engineering, AI, Quantitative Finance & Blockchain Technology having strong track records in our respective domains.

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EU emblem BlockIS 

This project has indirectly received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under project Block.IS (grant agreement No 824509).

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